what is triptiptravels?

Triptiptravels is about doing something you’re passionate about, and learning and growing in that passion. I believe when you travel , there’s no better way to connect with people, than through food. No matter what culture or country you’re from or where you choose to travel, the one thing keep in your mind that food and travel is a huge part of our lives. Triptiptravels is where people who travel for food and explore. 

glad to meet you

Hi, I'm Nishika Bhati.My blog which all about my explorining and learning , a continous journey where i strive to seek the truth, discover myself and experience the real treasures of life along the way. It wasn't an easy for me every spare moment i would blog and sit glued in front of my laptop until my eyes went crazy.Since, i started blogging, i've loved taking photos. But its really incredible through travel photography of food are great and It was an real incredible experience for me. But when you have a goal you're working towards you'll do what it takes to get there. Thankyou for visiting my site in which you may find me as a writer, Traveler, Foodie a story teller, I am a foodie girl from India.

why travel makes
you better

Travelling  can help you in becoming a better person. You are opened to different experiences, people, cultures and challenges. Here are some ways in which travel can help you, be a better you.

Travel Makes Us Realise Who We Really Are

Travel Makes Us Realise Who We Love And Why We Love Them

Travel Makes Us Fearless

 It makes you more creative

 It makes you more grounded


"people who love to eat are always the best people."

Someone once famously said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Food can truly move hearts, win you friends and make amends in relationships where other things may not work. More things have been said about food in history than almost anything else – except maybe love. You don’t have to be an avid foodie to think of food. Delicious foods have to power to influence anyone and everyone.

10 places you need to visit newzealand

The best way to experience our wide collection of sweets is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing sweets to satisfy your palate.