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What does travel mean to you?

Travel mean to you

Travel to me is everything. It was the greener grass, and the opportunity to let go of my yesterdays and build a new today and even better tomorrow. However, it was the opportunity to immerse me in new experience, cultures, and foods. Now, travel is simply what fills my feelings. It keeps me curious and makes me explore alive.

Travel has visible me that the earth is a show-off. So, it reminds me of how tiny my problems really are, and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to explore the world. Travel has turned me into a global citizen that touch like she has friends and family everywhere. So it’s shown me that humans all want to be loved, respected, and feel alive. Travel has filled me with a great sense of desire and grows me as a person every single day.
Most importantly travel has shown me that trusting others usually leads to the best results. And it’s reminded me that even if the worst-case scenario arrives, I will be fine.

I feel like I’ve lived a period worth of memories in the last couple of years, and I owe travel the thanks.

What is Travel?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the answer to travel is: to make a journey, typically of some length.

Some might allow with the simplicity of that definition, others might feel some added clarification is needed. Either way, I think that definition is unsure for a reason. So, travel certainly measures something different to everyone and whatever it may mean to you, that’s what it means. There is no right answer and naturally, there is no error.

Some might think you have to leave your own country to explore or you must be away for a certain period of time.

What questions are raised in your mind?

Do you have to be visiting a place for enjoyment or can it be for various reasons, such as visiting family or friends or to conduct some business? What if you take a cruise, are you travelling? What if you move overseas or live in one area for six months?

Travel means to me – to live completely.

To me, travelling is just going somewhere, anywhere, whether familiar or new. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s the next town over, a new country or a continent on the other side of the world. And I personally don’t think it matters if you’re gone for one day or one year or one decade. As long as you have even the slightest interest in the destination you’re visiting, and you’re open to learning about the places you visit and about yourself in the process, I think you’re travelling.

So, it encompasses a great range of experiences, I know, but I personally don’t think the word ‘travel’ warrants a more complicated description.

And now, out of sheer curiosity, I’d be interested to know what travel means to many of you, to read your definitions in their infinite forms, based on your own individual thoughts and experiences.

I have my theories of course.

But I wanted to know yours in below comment:

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